About Us

Welcome to Troop 19, one of the first all-girl troops in New Jersey. We are linked with Troop 17 and share its strong ties in the surrounding communities. We meet every Thursday night during the school year from 7:20pm to 9:00pm at St. Rose of Lima Church in Short Hills, NJ. 

We are a Scout-Led. We believe in the principle that the troop belongs to the Scouts. Troop 19 is led by a Senior Patrol Leader (the highest Scout held position) and by the Scouts who are elected by their peers. The adults are mentors who provide guidance and oversight so that the Scouts will have a safe program that adheres to the Guide to Safe Scouting. Through this philosophy, the Scouts learn to become independent leaders who can use the life skills gained through Scouting in all aspects of their lives.

Each Scout will learn to become an effective leader by performing the duties of the leadership positions she holds as she moves through her Scouting career. The decisions regarding the activities of the troop, the structure and activities of a troop meeting, and the events in which the troop participates are all determined by the Patrol Leaders Council.

Our program strives to achieve the "Aims of Scouting" which include character development, citizenship training, and mental and personal fitness. We do this through the "Methods of Scouting" which include the ideals (scout oath and law, motto and slogan), the patrol method, the outdoors, advancement, association with adults, personal growth, leadership development, and the uniform.

We are an active troop and most months we hold at least one outdoor activity. This may include camping, canoeing, or another fun activity. We hold leadership training courses for the Scouts so that they are prepared to lead the troop, and we attend summer camp each year - sometimes twice!

We welcome anyone who is considering joining Scouts to come and visit. Webelos are welcome to visit as a den or individually. Our Scoutmaster can be contacted via and would be happy to answer any questions. Look forward to meeting you soon!